Taxi Pickup

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Taxi Pickup - Get your passengers safely to their destination!

TaxiPickup is a fast car game in which you'll be able to transport passengers and accelerate your cab at the right moment.

First pick up your passengers with the cab to bring them to their destination, while watching out for other road users at the intersections. After starting, your radio car will drive by itself. Hold down your finger or the mouse button to go even faster and release it when you approach intersections to see if you can pass. You can't brake, so you'll have to wait for the right moment to slow down or speed up even more in Taxi Pickup. Start on the streets of New York and steer the cab safely to the destination. In case of a crash at one of the intersections, simply start the level over.

With each successfully completed ride you will earn game money. For every 1000 dollars earned, you can unlock a new skin for your vehicle in the garage.

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Taxi Pickup

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