Tangram Match Masters

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Tangram Match Masters - puzzle colorful figures together!

Tangram Match Masters is an exciting mix of classic Tangram and puzzle game, in which you have to match the shapes as fast as possible.

Play through 2000 levels in 25 game sections and puzzle the blocks together so that the same colors always touch. Like in a classic tangram game, you have to fill in all the spaces to make different figures. Win up to three stars per level. If you manage to do that, you'll also get three diamonds. Daily gifts are also a good incentive to come back every day and put together more puzzles. Master each of the many levels and maybe even win all 7000 stars if you are a true Tangram Match Master!

Did you know that Tangram is actually an ancient Chinese tile-laying game where seven shapes are repeatedly placed together to make different pictures? Why not play our Tangram game, where you can reassemble these shapes into the square they were originally cut from.  

Now get to work on that puzzle! Play Tangram Match Masters free online on KibaGames!

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Tangram Match Masters

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