Stickman Bridge

Approved for Ages 6+
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Stickman Bridge - build a tower of stickmen!

Stickman Bridge is a fast paced mini-game where you can build a tower of stickmen and climb higher and higher levels to reach the goal.

Use your mouse or swipe to collect the stickmen in your color and build a human pyramid. At least one of your game pieces should make it to the next higher level and start again to build a robber ladder. In the first level you will make it to the target level. The further you get in Stickman Bridge, the more robber ladders you have to build. Your stick figures want to get higher and higher! But be careful, the competition is of course also on the way and can damage or destroy your human pyramid through collisions. So cleverly dodge the other game pieces and be the first to climb to the highest plateau!

React quickly now, let the stickman reach unimagined heights and play Stickman Bridge free online on Kibagames!

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Stickman Bridge

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