St. Romance Academy

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St. Romance Academy - turn the boys' heads!

St. Romance Academy is a romantic online game for girls and boys where you can turn guys' heads and set a new high score.

Welcome to St. Romance Academy: Hot Summer Love Festival, also known on KibaGames as the Love Laser games! Now playable on smartphone and tablet!

Run through the aisles of a Japanese market as a girl in a traditional Japanese kimono and gather as many suitors as possible around you to be carried in a comfortable palanquin or driven in a gorgeous decorated boat at the end, depending on your score. Lots of cute boys are just waiting to be won over by your enchanting looks.

Always pay attention to the time limit in the form of the bamboo snail in the upper display: within one minute you have to win as many hearts as possible for yourself and collect lots of points for your score. If you are successful with this, your admirers will end up accompanying you everywhere and bringing you lots of points.

Are you a real heartbreaker? Find out and cast your love spell!

How to play St. Romance Academy

You play this popular love game with your mouse or fingers. Run by dragging the mouse or finger in the direction you want to move quickly. When you see a boy, you can start beguiling him with your looks.

  • Direct your irresistible gaze at the boys by clicking or tapping on them and holding down the mouse button or finger. When the heart indicator above the boy is full, you have won him over and he will follow you willy-nilly wherever you go.
  • The more boys rave about you, the more points you get, of course.
  • Attention: Sometimes you have to assert yourself against jealous competitors. Click quickly with the left mouse button or your finger.

When you have filled all the hearts in the display with love, you will receive the lily bonus for a short time, which will make you irresistible and beat out your competitors faster than usual. Use it quickly for the most valuable objects of desire, because its time is limited!

The KibaGames record is 68,659 points. Can you top it? Try it right now and explore all the corridors of the school.

Tips and tricks - how to win the most hearts

To end up being carried on a palanquin in St. Romance Academy, you should pay attention to the obstacles and especially high-scoring young men.

  • The mistress represents an obstacle. If you run into her, you'll fall down, so you'd better get out of her way or wait until she puts on the mask.
  • Find the special guys that will bring you a lot of points in the end. They are hidden in the different levels and are worth thousands of points. Watch out for the blond boy, the ghost boy and the boys surrounded by little stars.

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If you liked St. Romance Academy, then play the second and third part of the game series: St. Romance Academy 2 and St. Romance Academy Beach.

Let's go! Immerse yourself in traditional Japan and play St. Romance Academy free online on KibaGames!

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St. Romance Academy

  • Online since: 01.|04.|2023
  • Publisher: Shockwave (2)
St. Romance Academy