Speed Boat Extreme Racing

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Speed Boat Extreme Racing - race for victory in a speedboat!    

Speed Boat Extreme Racing is a fast racing game where you can race for victory in a speedboat and even compete against a friend on the same keyboard.    

You can also race on the water or just cruise in Free Ride mode! Play this fast-paced boat race in single or multiplayer using WASD and the arrow keys to steer. With F and K you can ignite the nitro and accelerate the speedboat even more. Take on special challenges in the stunt mode and show off your best tricks at the wheel in the boat as well!    

Six different race tracks and five speedboats with different characteristics and strengths await you. Soon you'll be flying over lots of ramps, leaning into every curve, and skillfully steering through rock tunnels and turnstiles. If you do get stranded on land, you can press R or O to start over at the last checkpoint.     

Get a friend to join you now. Launch your boat and play Speed Boat Extreme Racing together for free online on Kibagames!

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Speed Boat Extreme Racing

Speed Boat Extreme Racing

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