Smiling Glass 2

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Smiling Glass 2 - make the water glass laugh!

Smiling Glass 2 is a funny puzzle game in which you fill a glass with the right amount of water past all obstacles.

The little glass doesn't feel so comfortable without any content. Tap or click to make the water run and fill the glass with it. Use different tools like pipes or ramps, but also play past obstacles, spikes and traps. If an object moves on the playing field, you should assess how you can integrate it into your gameplay. Is playing past a good option or do you need it to win? And also the faucet itself will move - now good timing is needed to win all levels in Smiling Glass 2.

Fill another friendly water cup now and play Smiling Glass 2 free online on KibaGames!

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Smiling Glass 2

Smiling Glass 2

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