Ski King 2022

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Ski King 2022 - master every slope!

Ski King 2022 is a cool winter sports game in which you'll be able to race down the slopes.

Winter holds the special joys of winter sports, especially in the mountains. Skillfully glide down the slopes on skis and follow the brown arrows. Control your Ski King with the arrow keys and use the booster button to speed it up even more. Collect the coins on the ski slope and upgrade your abilities like booster acceleration, carving, i.e. the ability to shear on the outer edge of the skis or your stability.

But beware: icy patches and gravel on the snow can be just as dangerous to you as outgoing avalanches! Make it across the finish line anyway and keep exploring new ski areas!

Attention winter sports fans! Strap on your boards now and play Ski King 2022 free online on Kibagames!

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Ski King 2022

Ski King 2022

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