Rainbow Bridezilla Wedding Planner

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Rainbow Bridezilla Wedding Planner - Style the bride in bright colors!

Rainbow Bridezilla Wedding Planner is a colorful dress up game in which you'll be able to save Hailey's wedding day and style her for a colorful wedding ceremony.

Oh dear, Hailey has a mishap and almost ruins her wedding day! Now it's up to you to help her make the day a success after all. Her dress is torn, her hair is disheveled and there's cake that exploded all over the place. Help her wash first, remove the cake and clean her face and hair. Dry her tears, give her something for her irritated eyes and pluck decoration remains from her hair. The bridal veil has also taken a beating. Sew it back together.

The next step is to help Hailey with her makeup. For the ultimate wow look, it needs to be touched up again. Here you can combine the lip color, mascara, eyeshadow, contact lenses and her eyebrows into a beautiful overall look. Once all that is back in order, you can take care of the tattered dress. First, clean it from the cake remnants and remove the stains that appeared.

To patch the dress, follow the pattern on the screen. The dotted lines show you where to move the mouse along. Finally, spray a burst of perfume on the dress to make it smell wonderful again. Now that the basic dress is restored, you can rework the bride's entire look. Since Hailey is no ordinary bride, you'll find plenty of unusual rainbow-look dresses!

Do Hailey's hair first, then choose a matching dress, accessories, bouquet and jewelry to match the color scheme. Extravagance is welcome here, because after all, the theme is “rainbow” and therefore everything may be colorful here. Since the cake led to the disaster, Hailey needs a new one here. So choose a suitable wedding cake and also like again a new location for the rainbow wedding. Now the celebration can continue!

Now create a wedding ceremony in many bright colors with a very special bride and play Rainbow Bridezilla Wedding Planner free online on KibaGames!

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Rainbow Bridezilla Wedding Planner

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