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Racing Car

Approved for Ages 6+
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Racing Car - Drive action-packed challenges!

Racing Car is a comprehensive car simulation game in which you have to master challenges with your car in various game modes.

Control your racing car with WASD or the arrow keys and really step on the gas in four game modes:

  • Stunt mode: race over obstacle courses at dizzying heights and perform daredevil stunts to reach the finish line.
  • Time Trial mode: Race against the clock and collect a predetermined number of stars in the city to get to the next level.
  • Chase mode: Criminals are on the run and it's your job to catch them again! Take part in exciting chases and grab the car they are looking for!
  • Free mode: After all the challenges, you can relax in free mode and explore the game world freely. Cruise through the virtual city and collect coins to unlock cool new vehicles in the garage.

Tips for racing drivers and stunt pros

  • If you can't see the finish point in a level directly, use the map at the top of the screen where it is marked.
  • Some challenges require a good overview: Use the C button to change the camera perspective and get a different impression of the action.

Play your way through the various modes of the racing simulation to higher and higher levels and receive coins as a reward. You can use your earnings to unlock three more stylish sports cars with better features and more power under the hood. So get behind the wheel and hit the racetrack!

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Race through four extensive game modes and play Racing Car online for free now on KibaGames!

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Racing Car

Racing Car
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