Race Parking Simulator

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Race Parking Simulator - find the blue parking spaces!

Race Parking Simulator is a cool mixture of parking and racing game, in which you'll be able to drive numerous high-quality sports cars, from Ferrari to Lamborghini.

Use WASD or the arrow keys to control the fast racers and the spacebar to pull the handbrake. Use the mouse to control the camera and C to change the perspective. Even particularly valuable vehicles have to be parked without scratches at some point! Can you find the blue parking spaces? Your car flashes and shows you whether you have to keep right or left. The blue parking space also shows you whether you have to park forwards or backwards. Manage to park correctly to reach the next level.

Park or use the freeride mode for the city or the race track. Not only the Italian racing legends are at your disposal, you can also find BMWs, Nissans and Ford Mustangs in the garage.

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Now get into the parking garage! Play Race Parking Simulator free online on KibaGames!

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