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Quick Capture - conquer new lands!

Quick Capture is a classic strategy game in which you'll be able to capture as many hexagonal game areas as possible.

You have a single player mode and a multiplayer mode at your disposal in Quick Capture.

Click or tap on the polygons and wait a short while until the playing area is really yours. You can capture different landscapes like meadows or small villages and towns. When you capture villages and towns, after 50 seconds they generate as a tax the possibility to capture new hexagonal tiles. In the upper left corner you will see how many hexagons you have left to unlock. If you run out of them, you have to wait until you get new ones again via the tax.

Bonus: When you click a hot air balloon, you unlock the ability to place your troops on a play area of your choice anywhere on the map.

How to win the competition

Your goal is to own as many areas as possible within the time limit. However, you are not alone on the map, which is gradually revealed by your actions. Another conqueror also wants to call the untamed lands his own. So it is important to proceed tactically.

  • You can simply click on your opponent's stones and conquer them, or you can surround his area with your stones and capture several stones in one turn.
  • Pay attention to the display at the top, which shows the distribution of possession on the map between you and your teammate proportionally.
  • The player who has conquered the most territories at the end of the time wins.

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