Power Wash 3D

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Power Wash 3D - clean 30 dirty objects!

Power Wash 3D is a fun game in which you'll be able to clean 30 dirty objects with a water hose.

Control the water jet with the mouse or by swiping and remove all dirt while the object in front of you rotates around its own axis. Get every speck of dirt on things as diverse as fruits, a refrigerator or a boat. Each of the 20 game objects deserves to be cleaned up properly in Power Wash 3D. Be thorough, earn up to three stars, and soon point the water hose at the next dirty object.

Want some ASMR fun with the pressure washer? Clean up all the dirt now, make things shine again and play Power Wash 3D free online on KibaGames!

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Power Wash 3D

Power Wash 3D

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