Popsy Humanization

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Popsy Humanization - style funny Minion outfits!

Popsy Humanization is a hip dress-up game in which you'll be able to style three LOL dolls in funny Minion outfits.

Let the famous dolls with big heads meet the equally famous Minions and raid their closet. Mix and match many popular costume elements or create a completely uniform outfit in which the Minions have stood by their villainous superiors over the millennia. Whether it's a prehistoric man, golfer, household help, pharaoh or Napoleon, there are no limits to your imagination. First apply a colorful make-up and choose the skin color and hairstyle of the three dolls.

Then you can combine the different tops and bottoms, let the dolls try on pretty clothes and choose the matching shoes. Accessories and even a teddy bear, golf clubs and a club are also included. Mix or match the clothes and finally look at all three doll costumes together.

Successfully rummage through the Minion's closet now to dress up the LoL dolls and play Popsy Humanization free online on Kibagames!

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Popsy Humanization

Popsy Humanization

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