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Popcorn Master - pop the corn kernels!    

Popcorn Master is a fun kids game in which you can fill a popcorn machine to the brim with the delicious corn flakes.    

Make all the corn kernels pop and fill the popcorn machine to the finish line with the delicious snacks. When the line turns green, the container is full. Be careful not to produce too many popcorn flakes, because if they fall down, you'll have to repeat the level. 

Collect the keys to unlock more machine parts. If you don't want to do that and continue playing without ads, you can also reject them with "Lose it". Pop the popcorn past each obstacle, reach the finish line and become the ultimate popcorn master at the movie theater snack counter!    

Go ahead, pop it and play Popcorn Master free online now on Kibagames!  

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Popcorn Master

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