Pop It! Duel

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Pop It! Duel - pop bubbles in multiplayer!

Pop It! Duel is a cool children's game in which you can compete with other players to be the first to pop all the bubbles.

The popular Pop It toy can also be squeezed quite well in a race. Choose your Pop It shape and compete against an opponent who must also pop these soft bubbles. The first person to completely crush all two sides of the virtual silicone mold wins the Pop It! Duel. Face the "best of 3 rounds" principle and win two rounds to take a Pop It mold from your opponent. You can also virtually flip the knobs on such cute shapes as hearts, stars or a reindeer - just click them with your mouse or tap them on your smartphone. 50 individual Pop Its can be won!

Those popping sounds are so satisfying! Don't miss this new fun game with the fidget toys and play Pop It! duel free online on Kibagames!

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Pop It! Duel

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