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Paddington - hidden object games with the adorable bear!

Paddington is a cute hidden object game for the whole family, in which you'll be able to search for objects and differences in pictures related to the movie.

Surely you've seen the popular children's movie, in which the famous bear Paddington travels to London and has to face some challenges here. But if you haven't, it doesn't matter, because all the levels and minigames are brought together with a story. Search a hidden object picture with objects or letters, puzzle a picture together or find the differences in two pictures that are shown side by side. You're sure to discover a jam sandwich or two! And of course, Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo and the Brown family are also in on the action!

Controls: The game is played with the mouse or by tapping with your finger.

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Search the original images of the lovingly designed children's movie now and play Paddington free online on SpielAffe!

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