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Organizer Master

Approved for Ages 6+
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Organizer Master - Bring order to chaos!

Organizer Master is a relaxing organizational game where you have to sort various items and bring order to your home!

Sometimes the house is just a mess and it's time to clean it up! SSort different items and puzzle them in baskets, drawers and storage boxes. Items such as jewelry, toys, cosmetics, medicine, and clothes can be sorted according to various criteria. Use your mouse or finger to drag and drop.

How to become a master organizer

  • Sort items by type and group multiple identical objects together. For example, all nail polish bottles or brushes go in one drawer of the cosmetics box.
  • Fill a specific container, such as a suitcase or the dishwasher, and put all or a certain number of items in it. Try out the best way to arrange the items to pass the level.
  • Find pairs of two identical items.

Sort the laundry, put away bracelets and find the right drawer for all the cuddly toys. Soon you will have brought order to the chaos and can be satisfied with what you have achieved without even breaking a sweat.

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Now puzzle your way through many levels, fight like Marie Kondo against the clutter and play Organizer Master online for free at KibaGames!

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Organizer Master

Organizer Master
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