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Neon Math - set the tiles to zero!

Neon Math is an exciting math game in which you can set number values on different tiles to zero by doing math problems!

Play in 40 levels of Neon Math for a new best time and collect lots of points while calculating!

Bring the values on your tile to zero by guiding one or more tiles over more arithmetic operations on the game board. Add or subtract here. After you have moved over a numerical value on the game field, this field turns green and you can no longer use it.

Initially you play Neon Math with only one piece and drag it with the mouse or your finger on the correct path across the board. In higher levels you can collect numbers with two or more tiles separately.

Sometimes you can theoretically use one number for two tiles. Then you have to decide which tile is best to add or subtract with to solve the number puzzle. It's also important that the paths of the tiles don't overlap, so don't cut yourself off. Fortunately, you can also reset your last moves or start all over again.

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Neon Math

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