Monkey Happy Stage 687

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Hinweis: Die folgenden Sternzeichen werden hier genannt: Sagitarius = Schütze, Libra = Waage und Pisces = Fische.

Monkey Happy Stage 687 - surreal art and zodiac signs!

Monkey Happy Stage 687 is a crazy mini-game in which you'll be able to solve brainteasers about zodiac signs and collect toilet paper rolls.

This time the monkeys have landed in a world that resembles a surrealistic painting in the tradition of great artists like Dalí. In this environment, you'll have to collect clues and combine objects again. To crack the codes, you'll have to look at everything very carefully again.

Numerous clues have something to do with the theme of the zodiac. Three helpful monkeys want you to give them objects that have something to do with three special constellations in exchange for more information. Collect these objects related to the zodiac signs of Pisces, Libra and Sagittarius, combine them and hand them over to the monkeys to receive toilet paper and give it to the blue-clad toilet paper tycoon. Yes, that's right, toilet paper is the key to successfully solve the puzzle!

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Monkey Happy Stage 687

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