Monkey Happy Stage 685

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Monkey Happy Stage 685 - find a rocking raccoon outfit!

Monkey Happy Stage 685 is a new minigame where you can go on a hunt for clues with a crazy group consisting of a detective, a scientist and a raccoon.

The monkey must again use his special powers of deduction to help a detective, a scientist and a cool raccoon. Find all kinds of clues that the detective needs for his case and number codes that will open doors and safes for you. First you need to get inside the store and take a good look at the premises. Collect items like an antenna, a foil or a horn. Combine a string with a hook to fish around under a manhole cover and help the biker raccoon get a cool leather jacket with sunglasses.

This puzzle has it all again! Trigger the right chain reactions and play Monkey Happy Stage 685 free online on KibaGames!

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Monkey Happy Stage 685

Monkey Happy Stage 685

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