Monkey Happy Stage 675

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Monkey Happy Stage 675 - turn the beast into a prince!

Monkey Happy Stage 675 is an imaginative mini-game in which a well-known monster can be turned back into a human.

The monkey gang has taken over a fairy tale and it's none other than "Beauty and the Beast." Now here are hiding all sorts of puzzles to help Belle and the Beast turn the Beast back into a human.

In this, the inhabitants of the castle can help you, but first you have to help them yourself. For example, the teapot would like a cup and saucer from you and the clock needs the key to wind it up so that it doesn't stop. Along the way, you'll have to collect rose petals, which you can assemble into a beautiful rose at the end. This flower seems to be the key to disenchanting the beast.

You can find clues to the vaults on the walls. For example, a seal can be found there or numbers have been carved into the stones of the old walls. If you combine these clues, numbers and objects, you can help the Beast to become a real prince again.

Can you bring this fairy tale to a good end? Find out now and play Monkey Happy Stage 675 free online on KibaGames!

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Monkey Happy Stage 675

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