Monkey Happy Stage 671

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Monkey Happy Stage 671 - save E.T., the friendly alien!

Monkey Happy Stage 671 is an exciting mini-game in which you'll be able to rescue a little alien from Area 51.

In the infamous Area 51 in America, E.T. is being held captive and a little monkey boy wants to save the alien. To do this, you'll have to help him and first find the secret access to the military facility. Maybe the churned up earth could be a clue? Find a shovel, a lift and a ladder to get into the secret underground base. Down here you should take a good look at everything to crack the codes. Once again, remember: you want to get to Area 51, so maybe this is the clue that will get you there? For the other code you should take a close look at the ground. Then combine the items to finally help the boy free his alien friend and make the monkey laugh.

Can you save the little green man? Go on another adventure with your monkey friends and play Monkey Happy Stage 671 free online on KibaGames!

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Monkey Happy Stage 671

Monkey Happy Stage 671

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