Monkey Happy Stage 587

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Monkey Happy Stage 587 - explore Route 66!

Monkey Happy Stage 587 is a fast paced brain teaser game where this time you will be able to solve puzzles on the famous Route 66.

The American highway number 66 was one of the first continuous road connections that went from east to west across the whole USA. Even today it is a popular tourist destination. The driver of a blue Mustang also took Route 66 and unfortunately broke down in the desert. He even lost his car key. Can you help him get his car back on track?

Read all the clues, decipher the numerical codes and let an old farmer grant you access to his barn. In return, you'll have to collect 20 toothpicks from him in this new monkey puzzle.

Let's go! Save the stranded Carmonkey and play Monkey Happy Stage 587 free online on Kibagames!

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Monkey Happy Stage 587

Monkey Happy Stage 587

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