Monkey Happy Stage 579

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Monkey Happy Stage 579 - win the pie fight!

Monkey Happy Stage 579 is a cool mini game where you can go in search of a delicious pumpkin pie.

Click through a new level of the popular game series and go on a farm in search of a delicious Pumpkin Pie. To do this, bring 20 coins to a farm monkey and a can of gas to the farmer monkey on the tractor so he can continue working in the field. In return, the monkeys may help you get into the barn and solve the level. Crack all the codes, find all the clues and take part in the final pie fight.

Now have lots of thinking fun again on the Mini Monkeys farm and play Monkey Happy Stage 579 free online on Kibagames!

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Monkey Happy Stage 579

Monkey Happy Stage 579

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