Monkey Happy Stage 569

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Monkey Happy Stage 569 - solve the puzzle with the Peanuts!    

Monkey Happy Stage 569 is a cool mini-game where this time you can go with Charlie Brown Monkey, Lucy Monkey and Snoopy to find the solution to the puzzle.    

Let the famous characters from the Peanuts comics help you and make your monkey dance. Charlie Brown and Lucy are along for the ride as the monkeys and Beagle Snoopy is lying in his doghouse thinking about life as usual. Can he still give clues to the solution of the new monkey puzzle, for example as a password that you have to enter somewhere? As always, collect all kinds of objects, also take the autumnal pumpkin and solve the mystery with brains and the help of the friendly cartoon characters.     

Wednesday is puzzle time! Combine all the clues now and play Monkey Happy Stage 569 free online on Kibagames!    

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Monkey Happy Stage 569

Monkey Happy Stage 569

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