Monkey Happy Stage 565

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Monkey Happy Stage 565 - go to the chocolate factory!    

Monkey Happy Stage 565 is a fun brain teaser game in which you can puzzle your way through Monkey Wonka's chocolate factory.     

This time, travel to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory not with Charlie, but with your monkey and get things running again. The chocolate fountain is flowing, but some pipes are broken. Can you fix them? And containers for the treats are also desperately needed. Put all the tools back together, bring Monkey Wonka his glasses and wand, and open the case with the necessary codes. Soon you'll be able to trigger all the right chain reactions and get the candy production back on track.     

Snacking is allowed here to stimulate brain activity! Solve all the puzzles now and play Monkey Happy Stage 565 free online on SpielAffe!   

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Monkey Happy Stage 565

Monkey Happy Stage 565

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