Monkey Happy Stage 563

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Monkey Happy Stage 563 - rescue the monkey from the ice block!  

Monkey Happy Stage 563 is a cool mini-game in which you have to rescue a little monkey from a block of ice during a heat wave.    

The monkeys are cavorting on the beach, because luckily it has become nice and warm again in this late summer. But what is this? A monkey has become trapped in a block of ice while looking for cooling. Can you free him and make your monkey dance?    

Combine all the clues, trigger the right chain reactions and get help from the monkey gang. In return, you'll have to bring them things like a cap or a parasol, ice cream and sunscreen so they can spend a nice day in the sun. Crack all the codes and use the tools from your backpack and in no time the puzzle will be solved!   

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Monkey Happy Stage 563

Monkey Happy Stage 563

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