Monkey Happy Stage 561

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Monkey Happy Stage 561 - show the monkeys your gamer skills!  

Monkey Happy Stage 561 is a cool escape game where you have to help Grandpa Monkey play his favorite game Pac-Man in the arcade.     

Monkey Go Happy meets Pac-Man! Visit the Monkey Arcade and help Grandpa Monkey play his favorite arcade game from the 80s once again. To start the game he needs a chip card, but it has been lost. Solve all the puzzles and combine two items to get a new item. Help the other monkeys in the arcade and find a soda with a straw, coins for the slot machine and a missing outfit - in return they will help you too. Also look closely at the walls and crack the number codes to be able to start the Pac-Monkey slot machine for grandpa.     

Prove that you're a true gamer in this fun puzzle game and play Monkey Puzzle Level 561 free online on KibaGames! 

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Monkey Happy Stage 561

Monkey Happy Stage 561

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