Max Mixed Cuisine

Approved for Ages 6+

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Max Mixed Cuisine - Become a star chef!

Max Mixed Cuisine is a fun cooking game in which you'll have to combine different ingredients to prepare delicious and crazy dishes.

Help Max on his way to becoming a chef. Reach under his arms and choose from different ingredients to combine them in Max's magic blender. This device is his little secret, with which he can create delicious dishes from simple foods at the touch of a button. But be careful: depending on the ingredients, the dishes can have unexpected side effects!

Click on the ingredients you want to add to the blender, then press the "Pour" button to pour them into the device. To add more of an ingredient, simply hold down the button. he bar in the bottom right corner will show you how full the blender is. Combine different foods until the device is full.

How about steak, cheese and lemons? Or maybe something with seafood and pasta? There's no limit to your imagination, so be brave and try everything. The wet sock, however, is a special ingredient for the hard-core - what do you think happens when you mix it into the food?

When the blender is full, press the "Mix" button and the device will whip up a finished meal. If you are not satisfied with an ingredient, you can start again from the beginning by pressing the "trash can" button. When the dish is ready, Max will taste it immediately and collect a snapshot of his reactions to your Cuisine in the photo album.

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Combine ingredients according to your taste and become a professional chef with Max! Play Max Mixed Cuisine online for free on KibaGames.

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