Light Academia vs. Dark Academia

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Light Academia vs Dark Academia - style four young academics!

Light Academia vs Dark Academia is a trendy dress-up game in which you'll be able to style four girls in the trendy intellectual aesthetics.

The Academia aesthetics draw on many elements from British university culture and its typical dress code. For Light Academia, you use lighter shades and for Dark Academia, you use slightly darker shades. Beige and brown tones can be found in both color palettes, as well as green tones in typical tatarn patterns or the classic black. Checks and glen checks contribute to the British academic look, as do wool knits, blazers and long coats. After all, the old university buildings and libraries are sometimes quite drafty.

Use long and short pencil skirts or pleated skirts, sweaters, shirts, blouses and classic cloth pants for the outfit. The conservative look can be loosened up a bit with modern hairstyles and jewelry. Eyeglasses, beret or other hats and large or small leather bags also represent the upscale academic look. Also, give the four female students or academics books, newspapers, a cup of tea or flowers for the dorm or office.

Which look do you like best? Find out now and play Light Academia vs Dark Academia free online on KibaGames!

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Light Academia vs. Dark Academia

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