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La Colombiana: Encanto Maker - style the Madrigal family!

La Colombiana: Encanto Maker is a beautiful dress-up game in which you'll be able to style the female characters from the popular movie "Encanto".

"Encanto" is the Spanish term for magic or enchantment, and also the title of a recent Disney movie about the Colombian Madrigal family, which has been blessed with numerous magical talents.

While fleeing civil war as a young couple with their triplets, the Madrigal grandparents were given a magical candle that gives the family members all sorts of magical talents. Healing powers, great strength, and true grace are just a few of the otherworldly qualities that distinguish the women, as well as the men, of the family. Young Mirabel alone has not been given a fantastic gift, but she makes up for it with her courage and determination in the service of her family and the enchanted abode of Casita.

In La Colombiana: Encanto Maker, create your favorite female character, such as Abuela Alma, daughters Pepa and Julieta and granddaughters Dolores, Isabela, Luisa and, of course, Mirabel. Use many beautiful traditional clothing items such as embroidered dresses, shawls or ponchos and accessories like the candle to capture the magic of Encanto. Numerous physical features can also be combined to create new characters. You can round off Encanto Maker with a suitable background like the magic doors or the Colombian jungle.

Which of the Madrigal women do you like best? Tell us in the comments and play La Colombiana: Encanto Maker free online on KibaGames!

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