Kitty Cats

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Kitty Cats - play with cute cats!

Kitty Cats is a cute kids game in which you'll be able to play with six young cats and style them.

Take care of six young cats in this simple animal game and fulfill all their needs with the mouse or by tapping. First choose the kitten and then feed it with the food of its choice. In the second level you can play with the cute kittens or let them sleep for a while. A ball of wool, a rubber duck, the obligatory mouse and a cardboard box to hide in are available. The third level is all about styling: choose a bodysuit, a collar and a hat and take a photo of your pet at the right moment.

To complete a level, you'll always have to find the food, toy or piece of clothing that the cat wants. But after that you can use other things as well. Unlock some Achievements this way and win stars when you take good care of the kittens.

Have fun with six cute kitties now and play Kitty Cats free online on Kibagames!

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Kitty Cats

Kitty Cats

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