Jewel Magic

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Jewel Magic - connect sparkling gems!    

Jewel Magic is a fantastic match 3 game in which you can connect lots of sparkling jewels in 120 levels.     

Connect always three, but better more of the gems in the same color to take them out of the game and get points for it. Reach the level goals in 12 unique levels to have a happy moment. You will be awarded with three stars in Jewel Magic if you can collect especially many points by making good combinations.     

You can also earn explosive helpers with large chains of jewels, which will blow away entire rows and areas if you connect them with diamonds of their color. Below you'll find three more power ups that you can use on the board: the magic potion that lets you move tiles, the axe for destroying tiles, and the flashball that takes tiles out of play by color. you can find these power ups in the wheel of fortune as well as at the beginning of levels.     

Relax now with a new round of 3 Connect and play Jewel Magic free online on Kibagames!  

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Jewel Magic

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