Insta Girls Intergalactic Looks

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Insta Girls Intergalactic Looks - style the Insta Girls for their space adventures!

Insta Girls Intergalactic Looks is a futuristic dress-up game in which you'll be able to dress the four Insta Girls in the fashion of the future.

Traveling through space and colonizing alien planets and large space stations are already a reality in this future. Of course, fashion will also adapt to these new circumstances. How do we imagine the intergalactic looks? Style the four girlfriends in funky outfits with iridescent and holographic fabrics, use cuts inspired by space suits and let them carry bags that remind of spaceship engines.

All four girls can be made up first, of course. Novelty and large-scale face painting is possible here. Then choose not only the suits, dresses and combinations, but also put on them glasses in futuristic designs. Styling a new hairstyle in unusual shapes is also possible.

Don't miss this new fashion game for science fiction fans and play Insta Girls Intergalactic Looks online for free on Kibagames!

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Insta Girls Intergalactic Looks

Insta Girls Intergalactic Looks

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