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Idle Farming Business - succeed with vegetables!

Idle Farming Business is a relaxing idle and clicker game about harvesting plants and improving your small vegetable field.

You have purchased your own farm and now you want to go big in the farming business. However, to become successful as a businessperson, you have to invest a lot of time and money and take good care of your plants.  

You start with a potato plant, which you can harvest quickly and upgrade regularly. At the beginning, the tuber crop won't yield much money, but with a few improvements you'll create a solid base to expand your field and unlock other plants. Soon you'll own tomatoes, carrots, wheat or cucumbers. Each new vegetable variety will bring you higher profits on sale, but it will also grow slower.

Tips & Tricks - how to play Idle Farming Business:

  • Swipe your finger or mouse over the plants to sell them and collect money. 
  • You keep earning even in offline mode when you are not playing, so check your progress regularly. 
  • Use boosters like the sun or rain cloud that double your profit for a certain time or accelerate the growth of your plants.
  • Improve the output of your plants using the button with the shovel icon, so you earn more money faster.
  • Use the store to make your vegetable field even more profitable.
  • Unlock Achievements and get extra money as a reward.

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Idle Farming Business

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