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Hamster Pop - match three cute animals!

Hamster Pop is a fun match 3 game for kids, in which you can always collect three tiles with small cute animals in front of you.

Click or tap the tiles with hamsters and other small animals on the tower to collect them in the bar in front of you. Your goal is to match three tiles with the same animal to take them out of the game and score points. It doesn't matter in what order you click them, as they will automatically match in the collection bar.

However, pay attention to which other animals you free with your moves and proceed strategically. The collection bar can only hold a limited number of pieces. Match new hamsters, deer, cats, moles and many other animals again and again and start the level from the beginning if you can't make any more moves.

Can you match all the animal trios? Find out now and play Hamster Pop free online on KibaGames!

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Hamster Pop

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