Halloween Idle World

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Halloween Idle World - build a spooky world around your castle!   

Halloween Idle World is a spooky idle game where you can build your own haunted empire around your haunted castle.     

First click on the castle to win skulls, which will serve as your currency. Soon, cultivate your first piece of land and plant pumpkins there, which you can also use to pay for more items. Play with the mouse by clicking or on the smartphone by tapping.   

Keep expanding your Halloween world by clicking and investing: the number of skulls and pumpkins above the items, magical creatures and pieces of land will show you how much you have to pay to buy or upgrade them. After a while, the buildings, items and animals in Halloween Idle World will work by themselves and bring you good profit. Upgrade them then tactically wisely so you earn even more spooky currency.     

How big can you make the shadow world grow? Enjoy hours of Halloween fun now and play Halloween Idle World free online on Kibagames!    

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