God Simulator

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God Simulator - spread your new religion!

God Simulator is an exciting strategy game in which you'll be able to spread your religion all over the world.

Also known as Religion Inc, this challenging simulation game offers you the possibility to develop different religions and inspire as many followers as possible with your ideas. Play with different religions such as monotheism, shamanism or paganism and use their respective strengths as gods or goddesses. Of course, you'll have to learn to deal with the weaknesses at different times and in different civilizations. Book religions, for example, are more likely to convince people who already have good reading skills. Shamanism goes down well with people who live close to nature and nomadically.

Then, in ancient, medieval, and modern worlds, click on the people you want to convert first and spread your good news. With priestesses, preachers and prophets, you'll soon be able to convince the first believers of your religion and earn faith points for it. Then invest in more spiritual or practical skills and further expand your influence. But be careful, too much strictness and fanaticism will quickly lead to rebellion, so always keep a good balance when implementing your beliefs.

Will believers from all over the world follow you? Find out now and play God Simulator free online on KibaGames!

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God Simulator

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