Gin Rummy

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Gin Rummy - Win thrilling duels!

Gin Rummy is an exciting card game in which you have to lay down and pick up cards in order to have the best possible combinations in your hand.

Gin Rummy, also known as "Gin Rommé" or "Gin", is a popular card game for two people. The aim is to group the cards in your hand into valid combinations by skillfully picking them up and putting them down and knocking them down before your opponent.
Compete against the computer in fast-paced duels to become the Gin Rummy champion in this online version of the classic game!

How to play:

  • Each player is dealt ten cards from their hand, the remaining cards are in the draw pile. Your task is to form as many valid card combinations, i.e. "messages", as possible.
  • A message is either a group of at least three identical cards, for example three jacks, or a straight of at least three consecutive cards, with the ace counting as one.
  • All cards have the value of their number and the face cards are worth 10 points.
  • Draw a card each round, either from the draw pile or the discard pile. Then place a card on the discard pile.
  • The cards in your hand that do not belong to a message count as "Deadwood". The total of your deadwood is shown in the game.
  • If your deadwood is ten or less, you may knock and the cards are revealed.
  • The player who did not knock may now add his cards to his opponent's messages, if possible. The player who has less deadwood in their hand then wins.
  • The difference in deadwood is awarded to the winner of the round as points. To win a game, you must reach 100 points.

Tips for card geniuses

Play your cards cleverly and think in advance about which cards in your starting hand you can combine well to form a group or sequence. The button to the right of your cards automatically arranges them into possible groups and sequences.

If your deadwood is below ten, you don't have to knock immediately. You can try to reduce it further by discarding one of your cards with a high value. If you can knock without having Deadwood in your hand, you have scored a "gin". Now your opponent can no longer lay down and you receive bonus points. If your opponent knocks and you manage to win by laying down your cards, you have outplayed him with an "undercut".

Outwit your opponent and play smart! Will you manage to reach 100 points without being beaten?

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