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GPU Mining

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GPU Mining - Become a crypto mining star!

GPU Mining is an addictive clicker game where you click on a graphics card to generate play money that you can use to improve your setup.

Dive into the world of crypto mining and let your GPU run hot! The abbreviation "GPU" stands for "Graphics Processing Unit" and refers to a graphics processor that is installed on a graphics card or the mainboard of a computer. Due to their high computing power, CPUs were used intensively for mining cryptocurrency at times, but more advanced technologies are now available.

How to play GPU Mining and get the coins rolling

  • Every click or tap on your graphics card generates a coin. The faster you click, the more play money the GPU spits out.
  • But be careful: a bar to the left of the card shows how hot it is. If the bar moves into the red area, it is overheated and must first cool down again.

Quick money with technology upgrades

You can use the money you earn to buy various upgrades for your system:

  • Install an additional "pipe" that spits out more coins.
  • Increase the maximum speed at which the GPU generates cryptocurrency
  • Improve the income so that each coin generated has a higher value. You can also unlock new graphics cards if you upgrade the income often enough. The new cards overheat more slowly, for example.

Become a crypto millionaire in the game and climb up the leaderboard with your progress.

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Click your way to virtual riches and become a Clicker Hero! Play GPU Mining online for free now on KibaGames!

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GPU Mining

GPU Mining
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