GP Moto Racing 3

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GP Moto Racing 3 - Race to a new best time on your motorbike!

GP Moto Racing 3 is a fast-paced motorbike game where you compete against other riders or against the clock in fast-paced races!

Race your motorbike over the asphalt and beat your competitors. In GP Moto Racing 3, you can either race against eight other riders or race against the clock. Eight different tracks are available to you in the race. The same number of tracks are also available in time race mode.

Controls: The game is played with the keyboard. You steer with WASD, brake with the space bar and start the nitro with the left shift key.

If you finish the race successfully, you get money that you can use to buy another of the three motorbikes.

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GP Moto Racing 3

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