Furious Racing 3D

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Furious Racing 3D - use the realistic cockpit mode!    

Furious Racing 3D is a cool racing game in which you'll be able to race around numerous tracks in realistic 3D graphics.     

In a first step you can repaint your car in the garage and optimize the driving characteristics, the engine and the steering.     

Then, first drive through Japan or a snowy race track and decide on the type of challenge: you can drive and win in one-way mode, with oncoming traffic, against the clock or in free mode. Of course, you'll also be able to unlock more race tracks during Furios Racing 3D.     

Control your fast racing car with the arrow keys or WASD. With X you can ignite the nitro. Switch the camera with C to get a new perspective. The cockpit mode is especially popular. Then all you have to do is escape from the police and face other challenging competitions. Can you do it?   

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Furious Racing 3D

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