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Farm Day Village - start your family legacy in the countryside!

Farm Day Village is a diverse farming game in which you have to take care of animals and grow crops.

You have inherited a small farm from your family and now it's up to you to make it a success! Country life is in your blood and you're highly motivated to get to work. And there's a lot waiting for you! In Farm Day Village you'll start by cultivating a few small fields. Grow wheat and sell it to earn money and experience points. Gradually unlock more and more plants, buildings and animals and expand your farm. Soon you'll be able to bake bread and delicious cakes, milk cows or open a flower store on your property. Do jobs for the people in your vicinity and earn extra money. The bigger your farm gets, the more tasks await you, so manage your resources as efficiently as possible.

The terrain around your farm is also quite drab at the beginning, but with time you can bring the village to new life. Develop a mining mine to extract resources from it and restore an old pier with a ship to open new trade routes on the water.

Tips & Tricks for a successful farm

  • Earn experience points by harvesting fields, completing missions or producing things. Each new level unlocks buildings, additional fields or plants, for example, which you can use to expand your farm more and more.
  • Make sure that you always have at least one plant of a variety left in your storage, so that you can continue to grow that variety.
  • When your silo or barn is full, you can no longer store items in it. Upgrade the buildings, even with gems if necessary, to create more space.
  • When you reach Achievements, you'll receive gems that you can invest in decorations or use for certain actions.
  • Visitors who buy directly on your farm will bring you more money than delivery trips, but they also need a lot of products at once.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and build a successful farm? Then pick up the pitchfork and the feed bucket and play Farm Day Village online for free on KibaGames!

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