Fantasy Makeup TikTok Tips

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Fantasy Makeup TikTok Tips - how to achieve the fantasy look!

Fantasy Makeup TikTok Tips is a creative makeover game in which have to create a fantastical makeup for three influencers.

In a world full of magical creatures like goblins, elves and fairies, three influencers want to present a magical makeup and outfit to their followers. 
First, cleanse the face and apply nourishing products - even elves can have pimples! Next, prepare the skin for makeup and use primers and other elixirs to make the face glow.

Then pick out an expressive eye shadow and a beautifully shimmering lipstick and create a fairytale look. Be creative and try to match the environment in the magical forest. Of course, fancy jewelry for the hair, glittery earrings and the right hairstyle in adventurous colors like green, blue or silver can't be missing. Complete the outfit with elaborately designed robes and present your Fantasy Makeup TikTok Tips to your fans. 

Are you ready to become a fairy or elf yourself? Then play Fantasy Make-up Tips online for free on KibaGames!

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Fantasy Makeup TikTok Tips

Fantasy Makeup TikTok Tips

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