Fantasy Magical Creatures

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Fantasy Magical Creatures- style four beautiful mythical creatures!

Fantasy Magical Creatures is a fantastic dress-up game in which you'll be able to dress four of the female mixed creatures of human and horse.

These fascinating creatures are known from ancient mythology and have a human upper body and a horse lower body. First of all, choose an expressive makeup for the four pretty women and also apply a traditional face paint.

In the dress up level you can try out different elegant dresses or robes for a wise mage or a brave warrior and choose a new hairstyle for the fairy tale creatures. Earrings, headdresses or a flower wreath can also be found in the selection.

In addition, equip the centaur women with magical utensils like a magic wand or with weapons like precious swords, a dagger or a battle axe.

Whether you want to create a princess, a mage, or a fighter, all four women will look fabulous! Now, once again, give free rein to your creative power, try out the many makeup and hairstyle options and play Fantasy Magical Creatures free online on KibaGames!

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Fantasy Magical Creatures

Fantasy Magical Creatures

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