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Fantasy Avatar Meiker - design fabulous creatures!    

Fantasy Avatar Meiker is a cool fantasy game in which you can design numerous fantastic female creatures.    

First design face shape, eyes, nose and mouth. Then choose your favorites from a large selection of natural and fantastic skin colors and ear shapes and combine them with a hairstyle of your choice. You can use the ear shapes to design fairies, mermaid humans, dark elves, neko girls and many other interesting creatures, mixing the physical features as you like. With face paint, scars, tattoos, make up and special pupils you can also use . Cat eyes or mermaid ears? 

Accessories like tiaras, a helmet and numerous jewelry and gems complete the look. The hands bring an additional narrative element to the image in Fantasy Avatar Meiker - why do you think the fingertips are so black and what money does your avatar want to receive?     

Create a new princess, warrior or mage now and play Fantasy Avatar Meiker free online on Kibagames!     

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Fantasy Avatar Meiker

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