Cube Craft Survival

Approved for Ages 12+
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Cube Craft Survival - survive in the wild!

Cube Craft Survival is an exciting adventure game in which you can learn to survive in the wild.

This simulation is all about survival! Control your pixel adventurer with WASD and interact with the left mouse button. Use Q and E to rotate the camera. Since it can be dangerous in the wilderness, it is good to defend yourself against wild animals. Use the left shift key and attack dangerous coyotes or wolves, which will sometimes hunt you themselves. You can open the action menu with the right mouse button. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the game.

Then roam around, collect things like food and hunting equipment to fulfill your basic needs and soon set out to kill a first animal. For food, you can start by taking plant food with you. Always make sure to keep your life energy high in all four areas in the upper left and fill your bottom menu bar with useful items. Forest, Grassland, and Water have plenty of challenges in store!

Become a successful hunter-gatherer in Cube Craft Survival and enjoy the advantages and disadvantages of living close to nature!

Experience exciting adventures away from civilization and play Cube Craft Survival free online on KibaGames!

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Cube Craft Survival

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