Cooking In The City Of Winds

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Cooking In The City Of Winds - Prepare delicious dishes!

Cooking In The City Of Winds is an imaginative anime-style cooking game in which you prepare three delicious dishes for the inhabitants of a fictional city.

You are the new chef in the metropolis "Moon City" known from the video game "Genshin Impact". It is also known as "The City of Winds and Idylls" thanks to the game's soundtrack of the same name. So grab your wooden spoon, because the hungry manga characters are already waiting to test your cooking skills!

Prepare ice cream, bubble tea and a magical surprise dish step by step. Stir together ingredients such as flour, sugar and tapioca pearls in various mini-games and prepare the dishes. Finally, you can decorate your creations with cream and food coloring - Venti, Kamisato Ayato or Barbara are sure to work up an appetite!

Become the new star chef of Mondstadt and enjoy the magical anime atmosphere!

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Immerse yourself in a magical fantasy world and prepare delicious dishes! Play Cooking In The City Of Winds online for free now on KibaGames!

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Cooking In The City Of Winds

Cooking In The City Of Winds

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