Clash Of Warriors

Approved for Ages 6+

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Clash Of Warriors - Fight with powerful hero cards!

Clash Of Warriors is an exciting fighting game where you can take on your opponents with a good pack of cards!

In this deck-building game, your goal is to end up with more cards on the 3x3 board than your opponent. You and your opponent take turns placing cards on the board. So you try to bring each other's defence value to 0 and have more cards on the board than your opponent at the end. And all this within a time limit! Maybe you already know the game principle from Magic or other fantasy card games.

How to use your deck

There are a total of 90 different collectible cards and 10 arenas that you can unlock through successful rounds.

  • Your cards have values that can be located in different corners of the game map. They also have a defence value.
  • There are attack cards, so-called hero cards, and healing cards.
  • With the hero cards you can do damage.
  • The healing cards give life back to adjacent cards.
  • With the magic cards, however, this does not only apply to your own cards, but also to some of your opponent's cards, so be strategic.
  • There are also healing cards that only heal your own cards and have a strong defence.

For successful rounds, you can buy a card booster with the coins you earn and thus get new cards that can certainly be of advantage to you. The card booster packs are divided into silver, gold and diamond packs. The silver package is the cheapest and the diamond package is the most expensive, but it can also contain better cards.

You can sell duplicate cards or cards you don't want. You can also use identical cards to improve them by fusing them. However, this will cost you gold coins.

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Can you defeat your enemies? Let the magic cards do the talking and play Clash of Warriors free online on KibaGames!

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Clash Of Warriors

  • Online since: 27.|01.|2023
  • Publisher: Inlogic (120)
Clash Of Warriors

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