Christmas Fishing

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Christmas Fishing - catch fish and presents for Santa!

Christmas Fishing is a cool skill game where you can go ice fishing with Santa and rebuild the Christmas room.

Santa needs your help to set up the Christmas tree and presents. Go Christmas fishing together and catch not only delicious fish, but also gift packages containing the various decorations for the Christmas room. This extra clue makes this fishing game extra exciting!

Cast the fishing rod by clicking or tapping and steer the hook through the water with your mouse or finger. You can pull up as many fish as will fit into your bucket in the upper right corner as you reel in the fishing rod.

Catch more and more fish by increasing the volume of the bucket. Keep paying for this with the coins you get for fish you catch. Also increase the range of your fishing line and the value of your catch. But be careful: not only valuable mackerel and trout live in this lake in Lapland, but also a lot of garbage swims around. It won't bring you any profit, so steer past it. The valuable diamonds, on the other hand, will bring you a lot of money, so be sure to land them. And of course, you can always look out for the presents that Santa needs so badly!

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Christmas Fishing

Christmas Fishing

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